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Play Store– operating principle

Market  appearance of gadgets functioning on Android OS has provoked the rapid growth of the amount of applications, designed for this system. The large news, financial, software, IT and sport companies began to produce their own applications, optimized for the work on Android platform. The developers proceeded from the simple system software and utilities to designing the powerful and functional applications.

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Today there are millions of them in the Internet. Alongside with it, hackers also decided to take advantage of new OS for their purposes. The cases when APK-files downloaded from the Internet are infected are frequent. Regarding this, the question about where it is possible to download the safe applications becomes topical for the users. Today, the answer to this question is found – Play Store it is.  

What is Play Store?

Google Play Store – is an online store, where the users of the Android-functioning devices can download the different applications and multimedia files free of charge. It was established in 2012 in the result of rebranding of the Android Market portal.

Today the store base includes over 1.6 million of applications. Any user can download Play Store on his/her phone from the official application website – However, as a rule, each device functioning with Android has this program installed by default. If the user searches the source to download Play Store on the computer, this endeavours would be vain, because there is no computer version of application.

How to register in Play Store?

In order to become the service user, it is necessary to create the mail box in Google. The electronic mail box created on the Gmail server entitles its owner to use all Google services, including Play Store. There are two ways to create electronic mail box:

  • register in the application
  • register on the website

For the users of mobile devices, it would be much more convenient to create the account directly from Play Store application. After installation the program will offer the form of registration to the user. When the user fills it in, he/she automatically becomes the owner of Gmail account and, consequently, is registered in Play Store. 

Registration on the website is convenient for the users, who work on PC. Having opened the website in the computer browser, click the link of registration and follow the instructions. Having created the mail box, it is necessary to save the login and password. They are required for entering Play Store from the mobile device.

Play Store users  receive the access to a huge base of multimedia files, applications, games and electronic books. Most of files kept on the server are accessible for downloading free of charge. The individual application Play Films was designed for the convenient downloading and watching the films. It can be used also by the owner of Gmail. All programs and games in Play Store have .apk format, i.e. they are designed for the devices, which function on the Android operating system. They are classified into the categories that substantially facilitate their search.

Play Store will please the lovers of literature with the wide choice of books. They include the works of foreign authors, classics of the Russian literature, the works of the modern writers and poets, memoirs of “pen masters” and many others – even the most delicate book gourmets will find the book to their taste.  

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The only nuance is that not all the files on Play Store are free of charge. It is necessary to pay the certain amount for the particular films, applications or books. However, the prices are moderate: average cost of the licensed book is 4$, of the film in high quality – 5$. 

Navigation in Play Store on Android

The designers of application tried to facilitate navigation as best as possible and generally they succeeded. Clicking the icon in the left corner of screen on the main page of Play Store, the user proceeds to the main section. There he/she can select what is needed – a game or an application, a film or a book. Navigation is almost identical in all these sections.  Play Store classifies the files by the following categories: 

  • Free of charge top;
  • Top chargeable;
  • Novelties.

Dependently on the section, the genre classification is offered. In Play Films it includes comedies, thrillers, dramas, horror films and melodramas. The applications are divided into the office, educational, news, sport, multimedia, financial once etc.; the games are divided into arcades, logical, gambling, RPG and other popular categories.

The average estimation by five-scored scale is located under each file. It will give the service user the advanced information about the file – if it is worth of downloading, how useful or interesting it is? The user can read the details about the file by clicking on it. The descriptions and screenshots are applied to each file. The detailed estimation (quantity “5”, “4” and others) and feedbacks of the other users are located lower.

It is possible to search the files by their name. There is the search line on the main page of application, using which you can find the required application, game, book, film or melody. The search line supports Russian language.

Finally, if there is lack of space on the flash memory for downloading the file, it can be easily added to the wish-list. It facilitates the access to the file during the following entrance into the program. The user does not need to search the application in the list again, it is enough to open the section “Wish-list” and link the searched file.

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How to install the application via Play Store on Android?

You can use application, only if you download and install it on your phone. The step-by-step instruction on downloading and installing the application is represented below:

  1. Find the required program or game, click it. The page with additional information about file is opened.
  2. Find the button “Install” and click it.
  3. The window with expansions, required for the full operation of the application appears. Scroll down and click “Accept”.

In few seconds, the downloading begins. If the process is started, the icon with arrow down appears in the left corner of the phone – the typical sign that downloading is started. After downloading is finished, the system automatically installs the application on your phone.

Attention! It is impossible to download several files at the same time. Downloading will be done orderly one by one file.

It is possible to install files on the phone through the computer. Open and execute the same sequence of actions. Clicking “Install” you initiate downloading on your phone, not on the computer. That is the reason why before downloading the mobile device must be turned on and have access to the Internet.

Advice! Before downloading the file, ensure that it is enough space for its installation or saving on the phone. The volume of free memory must be 10-20 mb bigger than the size of the file downloaded. Play Store does not inform the users about lack of space on the disc in advance. The problem comes to light when the file is already downloaded on the phone.

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The installed applications are always checked for the updated versions. If the new version is designed for one of them, the Google Play service will compulsorily inform the user about it. It is possible to deactivate this function in the configured settings of the account in the section “Auto-updating of applications”, by putting the flag opposite to the line “Never”.